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IT Teens. Aram Poghosyan

It’s a proved fact that love for technologies begins in childhood. Today students go to school with smartphones and do their homework on tablets.

There are many teenagers in Armenia now, who not only use smartphones and tablets but also try to create something on their own - a game, an app or a program.

Itel.am continues its IT Teens series, presenting Armenian teenagers who’ve been interested in technologies since early childhood and create products in this industry.

14-year old Aram Poghosyan has studied robotics on his own for several years now.

“Robotics attracted me when I was assembling audio amplifiers. I created the device and got interested in electronics during the process. Then I started to assemble more complicated devices and program schematics and flashing lights. I have been studying electronics on my own for three years now. In addition to learning programing, I still assemble robots and various other devices,” he tells.

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According to Aram, he has no friend or relative interested in electronics.

“I find all the information on the Internet: video classes, different information materials. RADIOFAN shop supports me with device parts, while giving advice and suggestions. I have entered Armath engineering lab three months ago and  have learned a lot owing to my great teacher there,” Aram remarks.

Aram considers welding station to be his most successful project so far.

“I created this station before entering Armath lab. First I made the box and then used parts of my old computer to finish the work. Armath lab suggested me to make a transparent case for exposition and we succeed. My welding device is more affordable in comparison to the Chinese similar production, and besides, it includes a display and facilitated control panel. The device will cost AMD 40 000 in case of mass production.”

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Aram has already received 5 requests for his welding station, so he is going to spend his summer holidays on the production. He also works on “smart house” project.

Aram realized that programmers are highly demanded in Armenia. He decided to stay in Armenia and enter the high school under Instigate with the intention of applying for work at this company.

Blitz questions

- Would you prefer to play football in the street or a computer game at home?

-I would prefer to play football in the yard, depending on the mood of course. I try to find some time to play in the street every day. I think sitting all day long in front of the computer does no good, as you need some fresh air from time to time. I was passionate about computer games until the age of 12.

Imagine computers and smartphones disappeared from the face of the Earth. What would you do?

- I would at least be sad, if my work tool disappeared.  

Aram Poghosyan Aram Poghosyan
photo © Mediamax

- What would you spend your first million on?

- I would buy a good computer for myself and presents for my family. I would probably establish a robotics club for children and teach there using my own methods.

- A vacation in the Silicon Valley or on the Maldives?

-I think one should visit Google and Facebook offices at least once, so I guess I would choose the first option.

- What famous IT person would you like to dine with?

- I would like to dine with Bill Gates and talk to him about some software issues, as well as find out how he has overcome all the challenges during his journey. If we were in Armenia, I would order khorovats (Armenian barbeque), as I really wish him to get acquainted with the Armenian cuisine (laughs, editors).

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Photos by Emin Aristakesyan