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Sharan app to help “listen” to Armenian classics

Sharan mobile application has been launched, which is a library of audiobooks in Armenian. It includes works of Armenian classical writers from V century and up to our days.

The app is available in App Store

Founder of the app Ruzanna Ghazaryan told Itel.am that Sharan aims to provide access to Armenian literature to all Armenians.

“The app is very simple to use. You can choose the period and the writer you want to read. You can listen to the audiobook online or download it. At the moment, all our recordings are from private collections, whose owners are aware, of course. We intend to create our own collection, with a bigger list of writers and performers,” said Ruzanna Ghazaryan.

According to her, she came up with the idea to create this app owing to a friend.

The application targets lovers of Armenian language and literature:

“For instance, many Armenians in Diaspora only know oral Armenian, speaking with their parents at home. This creates a barrier between Armenians and Armenian literature. With Sharan, I think we’ll be able to bring down a part of that barrier,” said Ruzanna Ghazaryan.

Android version of the app will be available soon.

Narine Daneghyan