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HiTabs to help save important links in one place

HiTabs, designed by Armenian specialists, is an online platform where users can store, exchange and share bookmarks and other useful resources.

The platform was founded by Kolya Tevosyan and developed by Davit Hovsepyan this year.

HiTabs representative Heghnar Gasparyan told Itel.am that the team consists of 8 people working from Armenia and USA.

“First we were aimed to create a small tool for ourselves, were we could save our links. But then we thought that this project can help millions of people to avoid the mess in browsers’ tab section. So the main goal of Hitabs is to create and develop a platform, where anyone can collect all the important and useful links,” stressed Heghnar Gasparyan.

HiTabs works depending on the user’s actions. Each topic is placed in a special subsection and shown in a separate tab. Users are able to operate their own design, grouping for tabs.

According to Heghnar Gasparyan, although certain features are available for visitors, registered users have access to more features.

“We don’t have targeted audience as such, because HiTabs can be helpful for everyone who’s using internet,” noted Heghnar Gasparyan.

According to her, HiTabs team intends to make a mobile app in the future, and for now they will work on improving the platform.

“We have to add search sidebar first, with user/topic/tab search options, and our next addition will be group tabs, where every group member will be able to change/add links,” concluded HiTabs representative.

Narine Daneghyan