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Ahead of Demo Day: Archimedes to create optimal timetable

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia (MIC) will conclude its Acceleration Program for innovative solution startups, that included 12 local startups, by Demo Day on February 21 at Ayb School.

The teams will introduce results of the work they completed in the last months to IT specialists, potential investors and entrepreneurs on that day.

On the eve of Demo Day, MIC Armenia and Itel.am present the stories of 12 startups.

Archimedes system allows getting optimal timetable by writing down information about
curriculum, lecturers, the classrooms, and the classes’ hours.

One of the team members, Aram Tovmasyan told Itel.am that the developer team had worked with information management systems, as well as with various universities and educational institutions.

“We learned during the process, that most of them have an issue in developing a timetable, as they are very time consuming. We have already developed the necessary database system using algorithm written by us. It can unite in terms of, for example, lecturers preference, the distance between the audiences , the type of audience, the possibility of having a free hour between classes”, Aram Tovmasyan said.

Archimedes system’s pilot version is being used in Armenian National Agrarian University.

Aram Tovmasyan thinks, that the team will try to improve the algorithm in the coming 2 months and it will be possible to implement in all educational institutions of Armenia. Archimedes can also be used in big corporations, hotels- in terms of using different halls effectively.

Talking about startup acceleration program advantages, Aram Tovmasyan also thought that it is important to gain new skills, particularly when presenting the product. According to him, it’s essential to think about marketing together with the product development.

Narine Daneghyan