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Orange Armenia will especially stake on internet

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Orange Armenia will especially stake on provision of internet services.

Mediamax reports that the Vice-President of France Telecom Olaf Swantee, who was in Yerevan on June 9, said this during his meeting with journalists.

He noted that Orange Armenia will offer its subscribers “innovative services” both in the sphere of internet and voice services. The company will enter the market in late Q 3 early Q4, 2009.

Olaf Swantee noted that France Telecom has long-term plans in Armenia and the announced investments at the volume of $200mln will be fully realized. This year, the volume of investments will make $80mln.

Vice-President of France Telecom expressed content by the level of cooperation with Armenian authorities, noting that “leaders of the country are adherent to development of the telecommunication market”.

Answering the question on the prospect of sale of cell phones and other devices in Armenia by Orange Armenia, Olaf Swantee stressed that “France Telecom has very good business relations with Apple, Nokia, other producers, and these our partnerships will in a certain form find their reflection in Armenia as well”.