14:16 | 31.03.09 | News | 3197

Armenia may not claim to occupy high positions in annual “Networked Readiness Index” today

Yerevan /Mediamax/. The reality is that today Armenia cannot claim to occupy high positions in annual “Networked Readiness Index”, Chief Executive Officer of the Union of IT Enterprises of Armenia Karen Vardanyan stated in an interview to Mediamax.

In the annual Global Report on Information Technologies of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Armenia occupied 114th place among 134 countries in “Networked Readiness Index” (NRI), which measures the level of development of Information Technologies as to 67 parameters.

Karen Vardanyan noted that while defining the “Networked Readiness Index” for Armenia, WEF was guided by stale data as to a number of parameters.

“The given rating is composed basing on a large number of induces, among which there is the level of internet and mobile connection use. As to Armenia, the given index was estimated basing on the data of year 2005, when the level of mobile connection penetration was really low”, Karen Vardanyan stated.

At that he noted that even if the most updated data were used, Armenia would not occupy a place higher than the 100th line.

Among the basic factors for low level of networked readiness level for Armenia, Karen Vardanyan named absence of appropriate state support for newly-founded IT enterprises, the tax load, problems with securing landline telephone connection, unsatisfactory volumes of scientific-research works and insufficient information of the society and business on advantages of IT use.