16:57 | 18.10.23 | News | 16507

Ucom was the platinum sponsor of Silicon Mountains summit

On October 17, the annual Silicon Mountains summit, dedicated to the challenges of building a “Smart Country” was held with Ucom as the platinum sponsor and brought together local and international high-level IT experts.

Eduard Musayelyan, the organizer of the Silicon Mountains 2023 international technological summit and the executive director of the Union of Employers of ICT, delivered the opening speech. The panel discussions revolved around three primary themes: “Smart Country”, “Smart Business”, and “Smart Citizen”.

Ralph Yirikian, the speaker of the "Smart Business" panel discussion and the Director General of Ucom, the platinum sponsor of the event, emphasized the necessity for not only smart technologies but also flexible business management.

“Telecommunications has always been closely aligned with technological progress, but we require a comprehensive, long-term, forward-looking strategy, a vision that should serve as a business plan for the nation's development. This would foster collaboration between businesses across various sectors and the government. We all need to be on the same page and understand the direction. We should harness today's technologies to drive creativity for the benefit of the country's economy and the end consumer. Currently, the world is implementing 5th-generation network technologies, testing the 6th generation, and I am confident that the 7th generation is not too far away; tests for this are already underway in laboratories. These advancements will bring about many changes, and there's no need to fear them. Technology serves as a means, a key, a vehicle that will lead us toward a more developed future,” he said.