17:14 | 11.09.23 | News | 18946

Ucom keeps on upgrading the mobile network

Ucom's team of technical specialists has been actively engaged in modernization efforts within the Kentron and Arabkir administrative regions of Yerevan, a development that the company communicated in advance to its subscribers.

The Director General of Ucom conducted a site visit to one of the Yerevan-based teams overseeing the modernization of the mobile network. The purpose of the visit was to gain firsthand insights into the ongoing network upgrade.

“We understand that when a station is dismantled, there might be a temporary drop in connection quality and service stability. This is a challenging but necessary process as we transition to a new, powerful and, yes, unmatched modern infrastructure. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience and access to better, more affordable, and more engaging services. I want to assure you that such visits and updates will be continuous. We are committed to keeping you informed not only about the modernization of the mobile network but also about the ongoing expansion of our fixed network. Thank you for your understanding and continued support”, said Ralph Yirikian, Director General of Ucom.

In the beginning of August, the Director General stated that one of the Ucom's 5-year strategy pillars is the modernization and expansion of both the mobile and fixed networks throughout Armenia. He personally observed the unloading process of the equipment from one of the global giants in the supply of modern ICT products, solutions, software, and services that arrived in Armenia. To date, the arrival of such equipment in Armenia has been conducted in three stages. By the end of the year, the latest equipment will be delivered in several more stages.