17:27 | 06.09.23 | News | 9067

A real chance to gain IT skills at Viva-MTS

15 students enrolled in various narrow specialization groups had a real chance to gain practical knowledge and skills in IT industry at Viva-MTS.

It’s already 8 years, since 2015, thanks to the "Viva University" educational program of Viva-MTS, students of various Armenian universities have been gaining years of experience and fundamental knowledge to position themselves in the labor market. One of the important features of the "Viva University" program is that it provides equal opportunities for participation to students living in the capital and regions.

With the support and advice of individual mentors, during this two-month period, “Viva University” participants learned to work with data collection, processing, and database management tools. The tasks were performed using the Microsoft SQL Server toolkit. They got acquainted with the methods and tools used in the field of geographic location by downloading various web maps using the Python programming language.

Students deepened their parallel and asynchronous programming skills in the C# (C-Sharp) language, as well as learned web programming with ASP.NET technology. Support tools such as computer literacy, operating system installation, and cable management were also introduced.

The knowledge accumulated as a result of the 17-year experience of Viva-MTS can be a valuable asset for students who have completed the program in the later stages of their lives. They are universally applicable not only in telecom but also in other sectors of IT industry.

This year, 22 students took part in a two-month training program conducted both in Yerevan and in regions. "Viva University" offers an opportunity not only for skill development but also for securing a position in the job market. This year’s project focused on IT, sales, and customer service. The diversity of the educational program will enable students to develop both narrow professional and general knowledge in the field of telecommunications.