16:53 | 05.09.23 | News | 17154

Viva-MTS launches new convergent solution for business

Viva-MTS launches new convergent solution of mobile and fixed services for business․

Viva-MTS offers its customers a tool for comprehensive control of incoming and outgoing calls from work numbers. The new convergent solution for mobile and fixed services offered by Viva-MTS is widely applicable in a wide range of industries, specifically, by companies, which have remote and travelling employees. Incoming and outgoing calls via Viva-MTS corporate SIM-cards can be tracked in the virtual PBX history if the mobile phone number is included in one of Viva-MTS "Smart Business" corporate tariff plans.

This will let control calls not only from office employees using desk phones, but also those who work outside of the office and regularly interact with customers on a mobile phone - couriers, drivers, sales representatives, etc.

Using a corporate mobile phone number lets organizations avoid situations that contain risks, such as calls made from employees’ personal phone number; in cases like that, a client may decide to reach out the company, and having the employee’s personal phone number, may contact the employee when the latter already works at a competitor organization. To prevent the situation, the corporate phone numbers are passed on to new employees, which lets clients keep calling the company rather than a former employee.

With the introduction of Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) technology in the virtual PBX, corporate SIM-cards can now be connected to virtual PBX, so that any interaction with company representatives (sales and promotion managers, etc.) on a mobile phone is reflected in the service's history and statistics. Call recordings are available in the virtual PBX online interface and mobile app, can be forwarded to colleagues, and transmitted through API to more than 50 CRM and other systems. These functionalities were previously only accessible for calls received or made using one’s desk phone or softphone.

FMC also increases employee productivity by enabling them to dial internal company lines from their mobile phones. If a client calls, the employee will see the client's phone number on the screen and will be able to call back using a mobile phone from the company's general number. In this situation, the client will recognize the number he just dialed, which will increase the possibility that the chat with the management will occur.

“Connection of corporate SIM-cards to VPBX is a highly requested innovation not only among our existing clients, but also among many other Armenian companies that have yet to become acquainted with virtual PBX. All of their calls will be visible in the call history, regardless of which device they were made or received from,” Armen Avetisian, Viva-MTS General Director said.

More detailed information about the possibilities of Viva-MTS virtual PBX is available at https://pbx.mts.am/en.