14:15 | 23.06.21 | News | 12529

Another family in Lori moves out of temporary house with support of Viva-MTS

In the framework of the housing program implement by Viva-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, the Hakobyan family living in Lernavan village, Lori marz has moved from the metal container they used for accommodation to an apartment in a newly-constructed building.

Years ago, the father of the extended family, Samvel, tried to find a solution and started construction, but it was left unfinished. Last spring, the family was included in the housing project implemented by the partner organizations.

“Hardships of childhood and youth sometimes leave deep scars. Try to leave those memories behind. You have been able to fight, get stronger, and fully change the course of your life. The result is satisfactory: you have achieved your dream, and we have managed to implement a program in this hard time. Now focus on fulfilling other aims,” Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian said during the video call.

“We have lived in a metal container since the earthquake. I have raised my children through many hardships. Now everything has changed. Our dreams have changed, too. Now I dream that my son gets married,” said the mother of the family, Larisa Chalikyan.

The partnership between Viva-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia has assisted 96 families living in different regions of Armenia in 2020 alone.