14:14 | 31.07.20 | News | exclusive 17236

Novatel comments on the plan to buy VEON Armenia

Newly founded Armenian company Novatel has officially announced today its “most serious desire” to purchase 100% of the shares of VEON Armenia.

Itel.am has talked with Novatel’s representative Minas Yerznkyan about the announcement.

Mr Yerznkyan has told that Novatel has considered the purchase for a long time. It is a new company, as according to Mr Yerznkyan, the selling side prefers newly founded buyers.

“We have done some studies. I have worked with various telecoms for around 25 years, including operators working in Moscow. This is an enterprise I founded with my friends. Parallel to that, we started negotiating with VEON headquarters,” he said.

According to Minas Yerznkyan, Novatel wants to purchase VEON Armenia to develop telecom industry in Armenia.

“Now we announce our plans officially. I am not authorized to say more at the moment,” he added.

Earlier, TEAM (Telecom Armenia) announced it planned to buy the shares of VEON Armenia.