11:45 | 31.07.20 | News | 18886

Novatel wants to buy VEON Armenia

Novatel has announced in a press statement today its “serious intention” to purchase 100% of the shares of VEON Armenia.

The company has stated that the research results lead to the conclusion that it is very important to develop telecom in Armenia in the following directions, with special attention for border villages and improvement of communications in rural areas:

1. mobile services,
2. fixed-lined public network services;
3. broadband retail internet services,
4. fixed-line broadband wholesale internet services,
5. television broadcasting services,  
6. call termination services.

“Novatel highly appreciates the high qualification of the engineering, technical and service staff currently working in VEON Armenia and states its commitment to carry out effective management of the company in case of acquiring the shares. The priority will be given to increasing the number of subscribers and improving the quality of communication in the framework of investment programs,” Novatel said.

The company will present the investment programs during a press conference in the nearest future.

Reports say that the authorized representatives of Novatel have vast experience in working with reputable international telecoms, which operate in a number of countries.

Earlier, TEAM (Telecom Armenia) announced it intended to buy the shares of VEON Armenia.