14:56 | 18.10.19 | News | 9495

VivaCell-MTS grants awards to the winning teams of the Hackathon of the Digital UAV Forum 2019

Digital UAV International Forum 2019, the first in its kind event on artificial intelligence and unmanned aerial vehicles in Armenia, kick-started. The forum is organized by National Polytechnic University of Armenia Fund, Moscow Aviation Institute, “Ayb” School, “Locator” closed joint stock company, and the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technology of Armenia. General partners of the forum are “Aurora Forum” and VivaCell-MTS.

As part of the Hackathon taken place during the Digital UAV Forum 2019, VivaCell-MTS granted prizes to the best three teams selected by the panel: first-place winner Improvis team recieved AMD 1 000 000 (one million) , second-place winner Alpha & Omega team recieved AMD 700 000 (seven hundred thousand), and third-place winner ThreeSmart team recieved 500 000 (five hundred thousand).

VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian handed over the prizes. “Transition to digital world evolves on a fast pace, accelerating with every new day. Every nation has to choose for itself between getting to the forefronts of transition and growing into a leader of the process, to sacrifice time, resources, make efforts, fail, yet learn and create, and standing aside from the global processes and turning into a passive consumer of the odds. We have no alternative to becoming a vibrant center of global processes. We have the preconditions for that. As a leading company in information and telecommunication technologies, VivaCell-MTS has been supporting the initiatives of Armenian young professionals. I congratulate the winners and equally all the participants of this amazing event,” Ralph Yirikian said.

The event aims at creating favorable conditions for development and strengthening of human potential at research and academic institutions, as well as engagement and uniting of young talents in the spheres of science, technologies and education.

The agenda of the forum includes:

Scientific conference to address the modern scientific and technological solutions in the field of UAVs. The scientific conference covered the following topics:

-Practical challenges of applying AI technology;
- using UAV in various spheres of economy applicable to geographic conditions of Armenia,
-AI technologies and their application in controlling UAV,
-application of UAV in entertainment; technical and legislative regulations of UAV application.

Hackathon, a 36-hour event to generate UAV and AI-related applied solutions. Twelve teams from Armenia and Russia participated in the Hackathon. The two tasks were presented to the teams by VivaCell-MTS: the first tasks was related to replacing / performing the test-drive quality control using a UAV, and the second task was related to collecting information on public Wi-Fi access points using the UAV.

School education platform including exhibition of technology-related school projects, drone assembly master class; and drone show.

The forum will conclude on October 20.