13:21 | 17.10.19 | News | 8727

VivaCell-MTS solves a housing problem of another family in Paravaqar village

Like other border villages of Tavush region, Paravakar has also been subjected to shootings frequently. There are buildings in the village damaged by enemy shootings or half-built houses the construction of which remained unfinished. The Chilingaryan family house is one of those. The older part of the building has collapsed, and the other new part has remained semi-constructed.

83-year-old Hrachya Chilingaryan started construction of the house many years ago, trying to adjust the building conditions to the needs of the family. The work, however, was interrupted by war in the 1990s, and later - due to financial problems. The elderly homeowner is concerned about children's future; the experience of living on the border shows that the will to protect the land is an important but not sufficient condition.

Hakob, the youngest son, has taken the task to finish his father's work. With a loan that he received twice, he managed to preserve what he had and build a roof. He could not afford to do more, but preserving and making his parents' house a decent place is a goal to achieve for Hakob.

“I have dreams. The first of those came true: I got married; I have a good wife. Now I'm dreaming of having a child then I'll finally think about building the house. I know that I have to make many efforts to take care of my family. I will have to work longer, till late evening. My wife and I do farming. We will stay in Paravakar; I don't want to leave my parents' house and live elsewhere,” said the Chilingaryans' youngest son, Hakob.

“We got married one and a half year ago, but we still don't think of having a baby. At first, the problem of home improvement needs to be resolved. We want our child to grow up in normal conditions. I dream of living in a beautiful home and having many children,” said Hakob’s wife, Liana Manucharyan.

This year will be successful for a newly formed family. By the end of the year, their long-cherished dream will be fulfilled. The family is included in the housing project of VivaCell-MTS and the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. Partners of the years consider supporting the families living in remote regions and especially in border villages important.

“I am inspired by the fact that the family living on the border, regardless of the difficulties and the problems they are having, strives to stay in their Homeland and to make it prosperous. It is a wonderful example of strong will and endless dedication. I want to inform this family that their dreams will come true, in somewhat changed order; the dream of a home will come true sooner, and they will think of another dream of having children. I am happy to support you in partnership with the Fuller Center for Housing Armenia. We may not be able to participate in home construction due to a busy work schedule, but we are with you,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

In the border village of Paravakar, the Chilingaryans are one of the five families involved in the housing project.