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Pascal Minvielle: Webb Fontaine plans to add new technological features

Webb Fontaine has held its first annual summit in Yerevan on May 7-9. More than 35 Webb Fontaine executives and employees from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe visited Armenia to take part in the summit.

The main goal of the event was to foster cooperation between the branches. The summit featured live demos, workshops, discussions and presentations where all the speakers introduced the progress, the achievements and future goals of the company, including the possible growth of operation in Armenia.

The Webb Fontaine Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE and with offices throughout the world, specializes in improving government services through e-government systems, business process reengineering, and leading edge information technology.

In the scope of the summit, Itel.am has talked to Pascal Minvielle, Director of Operations & Technology at Webb Fontaine.

In which countries does Webb Fontaine currently operate?

We operate in quite a number of countries. Among them are African countries like Congo, Guinea, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Benin. We also have activities in Philippines, Nepal, The United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain.

Do you have plans to involve B2B and B2C sectors in your activities as well in the future?

We are mostly providing software to governments. Regarding B2B sector, we have some plans for the very near future to provide some web-based facilities in our portals to be used by the community.

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What makes the Webb Fontaine products unique?

Our products are indeed unique. We offer great features with the help of which we are diminishing the number of steps in the process of importing or exporting the goods. The fact that declarants don’t have to declare the same thing many times is a real asset of our system.

What are the company’s upcoming plans regionally and globally?

One plan is to expand the portfolio of our product. Also, we are always looking to expand our activities to a number of countries.

Pascal Minvielle Pascal Minvielle
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Other plans of Webb Fontaine involve adding new technological features to our system, mainly working with artificial intelligence, machine learning and probably blockchain in order to improve the quality of statistics as well. In addition, we have recently implemented big data solutions to provide quick statistics.