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Didier Reymond: Webb Fontaine is now working on solutions of future

Webb Fontaine has held its first annual summit in Yerevan on May 7-9. More than 35 Webb Fontaine executives and employees from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe visited Armenia to take part in the summit.

The main goal of the event was to foster cooperation between the branches. The summit featured live demos, workshops, discussions and presentations where all the speakers introduced the progress, the achievements and future goals of the company, including the possible growth of operation in Armenia.

The Webb Fontaine Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE and with offices throughout the world, specializes in improving government services through e-government systems, business process reengineering, and leading edge information technology.

In the scope of the summit, Itel.am has talked to the CEO of Webb Fontaine Didier Reymond.

How many team members does Webb Fontaine have?

In general, we should be close to 1000 employees. Within those 1000 people, we have around 170 IT people working on development of our solutions. Those 170 people work from our 3 Research and Development centers: Armenia, Philippines and France.

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What are the challenges Webb Fontaine has faced and how did you solve them?

The challenge we usually face when implementing solutions in different countries is that the governments have a vision but they don’t know exactly what needs to be done. We have to bring the solution, also explain to the government and all stakeholders its importance and how it is going to work.

The second challenge is related to convincing all stakeholders to make sure that everyone has a common understanding and a common will to achieve the results.

Please describe your company in a few words.

Webb Fontaine is a very reactive company, the decision making process here is very fast.
The company has a huge experience in implementing solutions in different and sometimes very difficult countries where there is no infrastructure, for example. The staff is highly committed.

Where do you see Webb Fontaine in 5 years?

I see it as a worldwide company. We have the capacity to do it, as we have innovative tech solutions.

Didier Reymond Didier Reymond
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Currently we are working on solutions that would be available in 4-5 years. The market for us is not only where we are currently. It’s the worldwide market. We recently transferred one of our staff members to Latin America where we have a project in the cloud to expand the company there. The same way we are expanding in Asia. Next, we will be in Central Asia and Eastern Europe and for us there is no limit to where we can provide our solutions.

What is your advice to specialists seeking to join your company?

The challenge for someone who is trying to become a manager in the field we are working in is that international trade sector is developing very fast. We need managers that would challenge and question themselves in order to be always on the top in terms of knowledge and technology.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Didier Reymond