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Jean Gurunlian: The development of Webb Fontaine’s Armenian office is remarkable

Webb Fontaine has held its first annual summit in Yerevan on May 7-9. More than 35 Webb Fontaine executives and employees from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe visited Armenia to take part in the summit.

The main goal of the event was to foster cooperation between the branches. The summit featured live demos, workshops, discussions and presentations where all the speakers introduced the progress, the achievements and future goals of the company, including the possible growth of operation in Armenia.

The Webb Fontaine Group, headquartered in Dubai, UAE and with offices throughout the world, specializes in improving government services through e-government systems, business process reengineering, and leading edge information technology.

In the scope of the summit, Itel.am has talked to the founder of Webb Fontaine Jean Gurunlian.

Tell us about the company. What products do you offer?

The company was founded in 2002 in Geneva, Switzerland, and then it moved to Dubai. We are present on all continents.

In 2006 we decided to open an office in Yerevan. We have been present in Armenia for quite a number of years.

Narine Daneghyan and Jean Gurunlian Narine Daneghyan and Jean Gurunlian
photo © Mediamax

The company’s objective is to use technologies to simplify international trade transactions.We develop software that we install in a large number of countries.

There are a very large number of products. Our products monitor custom systems. Also we offer monitor tracking of goods in containers that go from one country to another.

We try to make this as automated as possible using AI here in Armenia. This technology is not yet in the market, but it’s being developed.

Tell us about the operations in Armenia. Why did you decide to open an office in Armenia and what does the office do?

Around 100 people work here. I find all of them very qualified. We have another operations and RD office in France and one more in Asia.

I decided to choose Armenia for opening a branch, because first of all, I am of an Armenian origin. My father is totally Armenian, one of those living in Turkey when the Genocide took place. So I have a natural link to Armenia.

Jean Gurunlian Jean Gurunlian
photo © Mediamax

Also, I have trust that Armenians are very serious, they have an analytic mind, they are known for having good IT specialists, and that is true. That’s why I increased the investment for the Armenian office two years ago and grew the team from 15 people to 100.

Do you plan to expand activities in Armenia?

Right now people responsible for the Armenian office are increasing the team as much as they can. We are looking for highly specialized people, talents that are not found everywhere.

This is the first time your company is organizing a summit where all branches are involved. Why it is held in Armenia?

We are the leader in our field in using advanced technologies. The development of the Armenian office, especially in the last few years, was remarkable. And I felt it would be useful to unite all the teams that are actually working on the products of the future.

I am sure that this event is going to make the reputation of the Armenian office a lot better.

Narine Daneghyan talked to Jean Gurunlian