16:25 | 01.04.19 | Armenia Startup Academy | exclusive 9969

Armenia Startup Academy graduates: AFS

In this series Itel.am presents the third batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

AFS (Advanced Filtering Systems) develops an innovative technology for filtration of blood and other liquids.

“The particles of 1-30 micrometers in the liquids flowing through the equipment are detected with the help of image processing algorithm, then separated and collected in different vessels with MEMS filter. The separated particles can be sent for further diagnostics or used for many other purposes. The equipment can also be applied for purifying blood or other liquids from undesirable particles,” the startup’s co-founder Ara Tarumyan said.

According to him, their technology is special with its low market value, as well as its universality. The startup will target medical laboratories and later hospitals.

The participation in Armenia Startup Academy gave the team the chance to hone their skills in different sectors such as sales, marketing and venture investments. The team also attaches importance to the new acquaintances and networking opportunities with supporters and other startups.

The startup plans to complete the development of the equipment prototype within a year.

Narine Daneghyan