In this series presents the third batch of Armenia Startup Academy graduates.

IMPEL is engaged in creation of medical environment and software packages, which is aimed at monitoring human heartbeat in real time and measuring important factors with significant accuracy.

The founders of the startup are Aram Baghiyan and Igor Bakhtikyan. According to Aram Baghiyan, IMPEL is the abbreviation for Improvised Engineering for Life.

“Our algorithms and approaches provide higher accuracy as compared to the best available solutions in the market, while our digital medical environment allows automating and synchronizing a number of actions reducing the time that doctors spend on monitoring a patient. It also provides additional software tools for doctors,” he noted.

Users of IMPEL are people with cardiovascular diseases, although the startup’s solutions also target medical organizations and producers of mobile medical equipment.

The participation in Armenia Startup Academy acceleration program gave the startup the opportunity to observe the startup’s issues from business point of view.

“Being engineers, we assessed the issues from the point of technical accuracy and possibilities. On the other hand, participating in this program, we started to draw our attention more to the needs of users, which I consider to be a positive experience,” he noted.

The startup plans to register the company in U.S. this year and patent the technology. It is also committed to completing learning and testing algorithms, as well as applying to FDA agency in U.S. to confirm the compliance of the startup’s developments with medical standards.

Narine Daneghyan