Sevan Startup Summit 2018

22 Jul 2018 - 29 Jul 2018
Sevan lake

Around 1000 entrepreneurs from around the world will take part, including 120 startup teams

Al Eisaian


Armenian-American entrepreneur, founder of IntelinAir

Raffi Krikorian

U.S. Democratic National Committee

Chief Technology Officer of the U.S. Democratic National Committee

Karen Vardanyan

Union of Information Technology Enterprises

Executive director at Union of information technology enterprises

Nina Achadjian


Founder of HIVE Seed Fund


The biggest mobile platform for learning programming

Movie Trip

Information on places featured in famous films


Chess board scanning and analyzing

Be Armenian

Armenian-themed backgrounds and greeting cards in Armenian


Free HD videocalls, short messages


Virtual and Augmented reality


Interactive desk to draw and chat


Online food shopping

VivaCell-MTS is raising awareness about housing project

VivaCell-MTS and Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team will soon start the construction works in different regions of Armenia.

With the bilateral cooperation agreement, the parties will continue the mission of housebuilding program in the current year. The assessment in the regions is already finished. Now, the process of informing the families that they have been included in the program is launched. The Fuller Center for Housing Armenia team visited one of the beneficiary families in Zarinja village of Aragatsotn region.

Three years ago, the Atoyans tried to solve their housing problem. Aram, the family father, took a loan to purchase a house. The building the family acquired was in poor condition with dilapidated flooring, leaking roof, deteriorated doors and windows and did not justify the family hopes; they were able to live there only two months. Renovating the purchased half-built house has become a distant dream for Aram.

“My entire family works hard, but during these years all we could acquire was this half-built house. We hoped that we could renovate it on our own, create decent living conditions, but the years are passing, our children are growing and the needs grow too. We live with my brother’s family, 11 people in total, in our paternal house. Without support, it is impossible to finish the construction in the coming years,” shared Aram.

The representatives of the organization informed the Aramyans about being included in the program during the last visit.

“The program is aimed to help large families in housing need, who are unable to build their homes on their own and need a helping hand to get out of the difficult situation. Cooperation with VivaCell-MTS is that helping hand to support families to stay in Armenia and to create a better Homeland for generations,” said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

As a result of the need assesment, the selected family will complete the construction of the house within a year and will move to a live in a house with all housing facilities. 


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