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Students of Amasia village visit VivaCell-MTS headquarters

VivaCell-MTS, as the company that has introduced a responsible model of business administration, continues providing guidance to the youth in making a conscious choice of their future profession. The Company also encourages the propagation of civilized work culture. One of the means to that end are the regular meetings with children and youth of different age groups.

This time young people from Amasia village of Shirak region got acquainted with the history of development of telecommunications in Armenia as well as learned the secrets of leadership that made VivaCell-MTS the leading telecommunications operator in the country. During the Open Doors organized in the headquarters of the Company, the students were introduced to the pillars of responsible business administration and its long-term benefits.

During the tour in VivaCell-MTS headquarters, the participants of the Open Doors had the opportunity to get acquainted with the key departments of VivaCell-MTS. The meeting with the Company’s General Manager was concluded with a question and answer session.

“Success in business starts from its administration model and from the right choice of employees. To meet these conditions, one needs to be determined, persistent, respect the law, strive for fair competition and offer innovative solutions to the society. We have chosen a path that, along with leading the company to success, contributes to the development of the country’s economy and society,” said VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

Awareness meetings with the youth are important in terms of sharing the experience and providing a successful example to be guided by.

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