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DigiTec exhibits an electric car assembled in Armenia

The 13th annual DigiTec tech expo opened today in Yerevan, featuring an electric car assembled in Armenia and a system for design and testing of self-driving cars.

The project is implemented by the Engineering City.

Project Manager at National Instruments Ruben Simonyan told Itel.am they present two areas of focus: electric cars and solutions for self-driving cars.

“The whole world is working on that and we should do the same in Armenia. We need to increase the number of electric cars and the percentage of self-driving or driver assistance systems. We’re exhibiting the electric car we assembled in Armenia. Essentially, it’s a continuation of our engineering culture. This isn’t a novelty. The first electric car was assembled in Armenia back in 1975. Now we should extend that culture,” said Ruben Simonyan.

The displayed car is equipped with devices that help the driver orientate in the car, such as radar, camera, and laser equipment. The sensors weren’t produced in Armenia, National Instruments worked on design and testing of the entire system.

According to Ruben Simonyan, their solution allows algorithm-based testing in laboratory conditions.

“To make sure that the car will operate smoothly in different situations, you need to drive millions of kilometers. Producers used to do exactly that and some of them still do. But that requires too much time and expenses, which affects the car’s price. Our testing doesn’t require driving millions of kilometers in specialized areas. We can simulate the same scenario for several times to make sure the system’s working fine,” explained Ruben Simonyan.

A team of around 20 people worked on designing and testing the self-driving car. They collaborated with a number of famous foreign companies.

The Engineering City is the turning point in development of high tech in Armenia, a product of public-private cooperation, aimed at making Armenia an engineering research center and a forge of unique solutions and products in the region.

Itel.am reported previously about self-driving car solutions developed in Armenia.