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IT Teens: Naneh Sargsyan

It’s a proved fact that love for technologies begins in childhood. Today students go to school with smartphones and do their homework on tablets.

There are many teenagers in Armenia now, who not only use smartphones and tablets but also try to create something on their own - a game, an app or a program.

Itel.am continues its IT Teens series, presenting Armenian teenagers who’ve been interested in technologies since early childhood and create products in this industry.

Naneh Sargsyan began learning web development at the age of 10, and now at 16, she creates AR/VR games.

“I learned on my own, and my dad helped me. Although he doesn’t work as web developer, he knows a lot about the field. As long as I remember, I was interested in technologies and anything that could be done with technologies. I started with coding at Tumo, where I worked on developing programming mentality. Web development isn’t just about learning the language and creating a game or website, it’s algorithmic thinking. It’s important to know the language, but if you have no idea how to use it, that’s a problem,” Naneh said.

Currently one of 11th grade students at “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” Educational Complex, Naneh made her first game at the age of 12.

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“I developed a Naval Crash game, then some others. I built a big game on Scratch and got two awards in Digicode contest, for best lab and design. My brother and I made a game together, named Unity, and participated in Open Game with it. Our game is about a man who moves by a gyrosphere and destroys drones. Another game, which I developed on my own, is based on the concept of Kinder eggs: you break different eggs and various characters jump out. The game is fully ready and will be available soon,” Naneh told.

Naneh is now working at X-Tech on the game with elements of augmented and virtual reality.

“I joined X-Tech last July. My project is an AR/VR strategy game, comprised of 3 parts. The first one is mobile, where player has an island and can create a world there. The second part contains AR elements, and the third one is all about virtual reality,” Naneh shared.

photo © Mediamax

Naneh thinks that technologies were created to ease real live and not replace it. According to her, choosing her future profession is tough, as she likes both coding and animation.

“I wish to deepen my knowledge in both directions. I am going to continue my education as a future programmer at American University of Armenia. I will try applying to some foreign universities once I have a chance. I see my future in Armenia, so I intend to come back even if I study abroad,” she remarked.

Blitz questions

-Bicycle or computer games at home?

-Riding a bicycle in park. I was enrolled in Muay Thai for a long time within the frames of a course at Tumo, so I prefer active lifestyle.

-What would you do if all computers and smartphones disappeared?

-I would create them all over again. If I found a team, I would develop everything with them, and if not, I would do all by myself. Anyway, I prefer team work.

-What would you do with your first million?

-My biggest dream is flying to the Moon and Pluton. Unfortunately, one million will not be enough.

I guess I would invest in startups. I would start with AR/VR startups, though other directions are also prospective.

-Holidays at Silicon Valley or in the Maldives?

-I would love to visit Silicon Valley. I can visit the Maldives by my own means. On the other hand, I may reach Silicon Valley and some companies might not just let me in.

- Can you name an IT person you would like to dine with?

-There are many of them, but first of all, with Bill Gates, as he inspires me a lot. We would try some seafood.

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Photos by Emin Aristakesyan.