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Armenian app Pixomatic challenges Photoshop

Armenian smart photo editor Pixomatic has launched the iOS version.

Garik Avetisyan, marketing manager at Armenian startup behind Pixomatic - Qube, told Itel.am that Pixomatic now has a number of new functions.

“With era of smartphones and mobile photography, mobile photo editors are one of the most demanded apps on the AppStore. And even if there are hundreds of mobile photo editors big and small, no one can compete with Photoshop on ability to make accurate image cutouts and create compositions. Well, that was the case until yesterday. Today Pixomatic challenges Photoshop.” said Garik Avetisyan.

The Pixomatic team developed algorithms based on Machine Learning and Computer Vision latest breakthroughs to create style transfer filters and to cutout the most difficult areas of the images - hair. According to Garik Avetisyan, Pixomatic is the first in the world to introduce Hair cutout feature to the mobile photo editors.

As for their other novelty - Style transfer filters - the advantage of Pixomatic filters compared with other apps is that all filters are optimized for local processing on the device, so there is no data transfer that can raise traffic costs or cause privacy issues.

The 15-developer team behind Pixomatic will soon introduce new style transfer filters based on Minas Avetisyan, Martiros Saryan and Hrachya Kochar paintings.

Itel.am finds it worth reminding that Pixomatic (Pixel automation) smart photo editor was developed in 2015 by Qube. Now the app has more than 360,000 downloads on AppStore and 100,000 on Google Play. Pixomatic has its own system of photo editing, offering an easy way to do it and give your photos a creative look. iOS is available for download for USD 4,99.

Narine Daneghyan