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New Armenian project to help “feel what the teacher is telling”

Armenian specialists are making 360 degree educational videos in 3D, which will allow the students to see with their own eyes what their teacher is telling about.

Immersive Education Solutions project is a startup of Technology and Science Dynamics.

The author of Immersive Education Solutions, physicist Levon Aramyan told Itel.am that educational videos are to be viewed in special spherical theatres - planetariums.

“Our project is often compared to 3D films, but it’s much more like virtual reality. Although, it differs from the latter too, - 15-20 people can watch our videos at the same time, which is simply impossible in virtual reality,” explained Levon Aramyan.


According planetariums are necessary to watch the films. Levon Aramyan assured that such equipment can be obtained for Armenian schools for reasonable prices.

He told that the first educational video dedicated to astrology will be ready soon.

“The film shows how humankind’s views on the universe changed from the Stone Age to our days. We managed to organize several test screenings at schools to understand the response of students and teachers. Everyone was very excited. This makes lessons much more interesting and impressive,” observed Levon Aramyan.

The co-founder of the project Armine Ghazaryan noted that if they continue in this pace, they’ll be able to complete 2 films per year.


“We should search new ways in this technological age to make the learning process more entertaining for students. Our videos will make it possible for various subjects: physics, chemistry, astrology, history, etc.,” said Armine Ghazaryan.

According to her, they make the entire films all by the themselves.

“We don’t have a definite image of how we could present this project on Armenian market. We intend to translate the films into different languages. The goal is to enter foreign markets and provide paid licenses for educational films to planetariums. The cost will depend on the size of the planetarium,” summed up Armine Ghazaryan.

It’s worth to note that this startup participated in Tech-I Global Pitch Competition along with over 1,000 other startups from 135 countries, and made it to the semi-final.

The Armenian startup is the only one from Caucasus. Top 30 participants of the semi-final will be chosen not only by experts, but the public as well. You can vote for Immersive Education Solutions here.

Narine Daneghyan