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You can renew APPA contract by app now

APPA mobile application has been launched that allows to renew APPA contract in a simple and fast way.

The app is available in AppStore and GooglePlay.

The application was created by Robert Kadaryan, Narek Gevorgyan and Taron Stepanyan.

Robert Kadaryan informed Itel.am that the app has 200 downloads by this moment.

“You need to take a photo of your current APPA contract or documents necessary to sign it, then choose insurance company and contract duration. We cooperate with all insurance companies. APPA rate remains the same in all cases, and customers save time,” said Robert Kadaryan.

Upon presenting the whole process of contract renewal, he informed that the contract confirmed by them is then delivered by an employee, and that is when the customer signs it and pays the value of insurance.

According to Robert Kadaryan, they also plan to launch an e-commerce payment system in the future.

The project was fully financed by the founders. Door Studios provided the design.

“In December 2015, the application was ready and available in AppStore and Play Market. Although the app had a number of problems, they are solved now. We hope that people will like the app,” observed Robert Kadaryan.

He informed that they will add new functions in the future, including a possibility to use insurance services of other types (tourism, health, accident insurance, etc.).

Narine Daneghyan