15:27 | 03.03.16 | News | 3403

Beeline digitalizes the fixed connection in Lori

Beeline continues the promotion of the modernization of subscriber lines and automatic telephone stations in Armenian marzes.

Particularly, the current subscriber lines reinstallation in Vanadzor, Lori has launched in February 2016.

The completion of the modernization work is scheduled by May 16.

“Beeline tries to ensure access to quality and affordable connection for its customers, while continuing to work on upgrading the network throughout the country. Year after year, more and more areas of our fixed-line services become available in a new quality, and a greater number of Beeline subscribers get the opportunity to access broadband Internet. Due to the ongoing digitalization, Vanadzor residents will have access to our even more quality services”, said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin.