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Dark Vador: Armenian-style “star wars”

Dark Vador game developed by Armenian professionals is now available on Google Play and App Store.

The game has been developed by Sentzlab which is co-founded by Levon Avetisyan, Nerses Najaryan and Kostya Varesko.

Levon Avetisyan told Itel.am that the game would be interesting both for young people and elder generation, the fans of Star Wars.

“The game is aimed at destroying the targets with the given bullets shooting from the right angle and overcoming all the obstacles. As a thematic solution, we used details from Star Wars in the game design. For instance, famous Death Star- the spacecraft destroying planets”, noted Levon Avetisyan.

According to him, the team currently comprises 5 members; they have no investors in this phase and all the projects are implemented by their own funds.

Dark Vador has just entered the market and according to Levon Avetisyan, it has a problem of visibility but they already noticed some buzz around it.

“Of course, we have ideas about future development of the game but everything depends on the initial success. We would be happy to listen to interesting and useful feedback about the game”, concluded Levon Avetisyan.

Narine Daneghyan