16:22 | 20.11.15 | News | 3461

Beeline launches a new action for “Twins+” subscribers

Beeline has a new special offer for “Twins+” subscribers within which subscribers will get free tablets upon joining.

“Twins+”  service allows simultaneously activating unlimited internet at home and on the mobile phone. The mobile internet speed makes 1024Mbps and the landline internet speed makes 35MBps in case of connecting to fiber-optic network and 10Mbps in case of connecting through the phone line.

The monthly subscriber fee makes AMD9900.

“Our customers will get fast and unlimited internet for their mobile phones and even faster internet at home. Now, they will not have to think about various tariff plans and the action of free tablets makes Beeline services not only easy and convenient to use but also pleasant ”, said Beeline Armenia CEO Andrey Pyatakhin. 

The subscriber signs a contract for 18 months upon joining the service. In case of terminating the contract sooner than the due date, the customer will have to pay AMD49900.

In case of breaking the contract after 18 months the subscriber returns the tablet in working and complete condition or buys it paying AMD1200.

Client’s mobile phone must be connected to postpaid system.