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Armenian Let's Twist game wins Apple’s Editor’s Choice

Let's Twist game of Armenian production, that appeared on App Store was named Editor’s Choice in 78 countries by Apple.

The game made global progress right in 135 countries for a week. U.S., Great Britain and Germany are among the top Let's Twist downloaders.

ArmNomads Games team developed the project. The team consists of 3 members.
Team founder and game designer Arthur Karoyan told Itel.am  that the game is Editor’s Choice in Armenian AppStore and is leading in “the best new game” category.

According to him, the team had previously worked on game developing, but this is the first time they worked on their own content.

“We wanted to prove to ourselves that big budget and being famous are not the main success factors. At the same time, we understood that creating something universal would be very difficult and we decided to put the stress on interesting design and musical decoration”, he said.

As Arthur Karayan says, they don’t have investors yet and are doing everything with their own finances. He stressed that they are currently working on the game content, trying to add new levels.

The game has 6 levels now. Variants for Google Play and Amazon will be ready soon.

Narine Daneghyan