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Pulpulak.club. Find the nearest drinking water fountain

Armenian Pulpulak.club webpage gives the opportunity to find the nearest drinking water fountain online.

The project recently won in #createTogether hackathon.

Wakie application co-founder Hrachik Adjamian is the creator of the idea. The team consists of Davit Tigranyan (design), Gevorg Ablabutyan (Back-End programming) and Vardan Baghdasaryan (Front-End programming).

Hrachik Adjamian told Itel.am that during one night they thought of and created a webpage, “that will help a thirsty person find his/her drinking water fountain”.

“You open the webpage; it automatically understands where you are and draws a route on the map on how to get to the nearest drinking water fountain and how long it will take. You can also see other fountains in Yerevan, choose the one that you need and the map will show how long it will take to get there”, Hrachik Adjamian mentioned.

He has told that he’s been in Yerevan since August and often looks for drinking water fountains.

“I’m looking for it because I like the water here. It is a very useful tool for people like me”, he said.

According to him, they wanted to create an application, but they didn’t manage to find a mobile developer during that night.

“The webpage works just like an application and it’s very easy to operate from mobile devices. If we see that there is an interest in it, we will create an application soon as well”, Hrachik Adjamian informed.

He also advised to use the drinking water fountains more often, as, in his opinion, it is a unique phenomenon and not available in many countries.

Narine Daneghyan