12:23 | 07.10.15 | News | exclusive 4603

#createTogether hackathon and startup pitching winners are announced

#createTogether hackathon results were summed up last night.

Pulpulak.club project, that gives the opportunity to find the nearest drinking water fountain, was announced as winner.

Next 2 winners are Bi Login and Video Note projects.

Startup Pitching winners, that had happened earlier are known as well.

Challenger won in the ideas stage of startup competition (1000USD) and EventGeek won the second prize (500USD).

Localz app was the second in product stage of startup competition (1000USD) and the winner was Skycriptor (1500USD).

Margaryan Law Firm announced in its turn that it will offer free law service to Challenger and Pulpulak.club.

One of the organizers of #createTogether, U.S. based Nerses Ohanyan, told Itel.am that all the winner startups can participate in Hyetech Showcase that will take part in Berkley in December without a preliminary stage and participation fee, given the wish.