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FireChat launches the first offline messenger

San Francisco-based Open Garden which created FireChat app has today launched the first offline messenger.

Anton Merkurov, Open Garden Communications Manager for Russia and CIS, has told Itel.am today.

According to him, the launch of the messenger addresses an important issue.

“Nowadays, all the message exchange apps require internet connection. If there is internet or mobile network they stop working. FireChat has developed a unique technology which allows sending messages from a device to device till it reaches the addressee. For instance, if there is no internet in a city and only 5% of the people have FireChat on their mobile phones and it will ensure a message from a sender to receiver within 10 minutes”, he notes.

According to Anton Merkurov, FireChat has many fans in Armenia.

“I try to introduce any technology and good idea that I work on in Armenia. I hope the innovative updates will increase the number of our loyal fans. It’s a good chance for the locals to send messages without paying money to mobile operators. It’s also a good chance of using progressive technology early”, notes Anton Merkurov.

All the private messages send through the messenger can only be available to the sender and receiver.