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Chally: Virtual Challenges

Armenian Chally (from the English “challenge”) mobile app allows sending and receiving virtual challenges related to various fields. The iOS version of the app will be launched in August.

Itel.am talked to Chally co-founders Nana Mardoyan and Edward Kankanyan. The latter is also the author of the design. Vardan Abrahamyan is the iOS developer of the app.

According to Edward Kankanyan, Chally is a way of making routine more interesting.

To send a challenge through Chally, you should download the app, write a text, add a photo or video message and the location of the challenge, select a relevant sticker, send the challenge to the friend and wait for the reply. According to Chally founders, although challenges will be sent in a virtual platform, they should be put into practice in real life.

“Very often, we are so occupied with the work that there is no time left for craziness. Through Chally, we will try to make the routine easier and more interesting and give positive links to it”, Edward Kankanyan says.

The idea of creating the app was born around 6 months ago.

“Of course, there are services through which you can find places in a city to visit but they don’t often show the real interest. If you go to a place based on reviews, it in some cases doesn’t coincide with your notions. So, the challenges sent on the app will shape the level of interest around the spot”, says Edward Kankanyan.

According to him, users will be divided into 2 groups. The first are common people who will use the app for friendly talks and the second group are companies.

“It’s a good option especially for startups. For instance, the small pubs who don’t have budgets for ads can contact their target audience this way, send a challenge - for instance, take 2 bottles of beer in the place and you will get the third one free”,  notes Edward Kankanyan.

He adds that this way one can follow celebrities as well.

“For instance, if Kim Kardashian was registered in Chally, she would send a challenge to her followers to visit Armenian sights”, he notes.

According to the co-founders of the app, they always keep track of the market trends.

“According to the current trend, the advertising content is getting more and more popular. Obviously, such apps allow famous brands to talk to customers and common users to change something in the society”, notes Nana Mardoyan.

According to her, although the product is meant for the global market, they start from Armenia willing to become a model for Made in Armenia successful startup.

Chally will be available free for common users. As for the ads, according to Nana Mardoyan, it will be targeted - meant for the users who may be interested in the product.

Chally will also have special functions which will be revealed in near future.

It should be recalled that Chally, Paqqy and Renderforest startups have been announced the winners of Slush 2015 Global Impact Accelerator contest, organized by Enterprise Incubator Foundation within the IBM Innovative Solutions and Technologies Center.

Narine Daneghyan