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Legacy to present your dreams

Legacy Armenian mobile app will grant the chance to speak about your dreams and realize them with the help of other people with similar dreams.

App Founder Raffi Kouyoumdjian told Itel.am that the iOS version of the app will be launched in September.

“However, everyone is welcome to tell about their dreams on the website. The dreams that will be posted on the website before the release of the app will be included in the app on the launch day,” he said.

According to Raffi Kouyoumdjian, promptly after the launch of the website, there were dreams such as becoming photographer for the President, swimming with dolphins, running with bulls in Spain, etc.

Legacy’s main team is comprised of four people of whom two are Armenians. The team is now looking for people in Yerevan and Gyumri to join the team.

Touching upon their target audience Raffi Kouyoumdjian said that it is intended for everyone “who have infinite possibilities and potential to fulfill their dreams.”

“We are all linked to each other by our dreams. For example, I was dreaming of an app that would help the rest turn their dreams into reality. It’s how Legacy was conceived and born,” he said.

Raffi Kouyoumdjian recalled that he was lying in bed at home after a shoulder surgery when his sister, Hive Founder Nina Kouyoumdjian called saying that an hour was left till the deadline for OneArmenia’s SHIFT:Tech mobile app competition.

“In some way or other, I turned on my computer and with one hand, presented my app’s idea in a few paragraphs. Four months later I got an e-mail – my idea had been named a winner in the competition. Everything changed that day. By the way, Alexis Ohanian and Raffi Krikorian were among the jury,” said Raffi Kouyoumdjian.

OneArmenia and Gyumri Information Technologies Center were also involved in the design of Legacy.

Narine Daneghyan