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PicsArt: We compete with Instagram not by quantity but quality

A few days ago, Loft Business Club hosted Artavazd Mehrabyan, co-founder of PicsArt, one of the most famous Armenian startups in the world.

PicsArt is “a mix” of Instagram and Photoshop. The company attracted USD10mln funding in February and USD15mln more in June from Sequoia Capital venture capital firm.

Itel.am has attended the meeting with Artavazd Mehrabyan at Loft and jotted down some interesting thoughts.

Big fish of the small pool

We’ve been in the market for about 6 years. At that time, we only developed applications. Then we understood it was time to try something new. It’s always important to orientate yourself at the right time. In late 2008, we started some testings on Android.

Seeing that Android could counterpoise iOS, we decided to “book” our place there first becoming “a big fish in a small pool”.

Our company’s growth wasn’t rapid- it was gradual. We’ve been going through successes and failures. At some points, we understood we had to start everything from scratch. We did it and we created something better. It was the pledge for our team’s success. A failure is an opportunity to start something from scratch using the present practice.

One of the marketing secrets of PicsArt was that before its launch, we had apps which carried out this or that functions of PicsArt. They were quite common on the market. When PicsArt was launched, we removed the apps from the market which led to a vacuum. Then we informed the app users about newly created PicsArt. It also contributed to quick propagation of the new app.

PicsArt’s goal is to help people discover their artistic perceptions and beautify the world.

PicsArt vs Instagram

PicsArt’s unique niche on the market is conditioned by the fact that it’s different.

Instagram and PicsArt have different concepts. Instagram users may find some resemblance to PicsArt while Photoshop users will find the similarities in the softwares.

PicsArt is in-between Instagram and Photoshop. Owing to PicsArt you can build, change or even create something from scratch. Our target audience are amateurs who feel the artistic potential within. We vie with Instagram not by quantity but quality.

Silicon Valley and Armenia

The Silicon Valley can be considered a large company where everyone knows each other and is aware of everything. But people are not aware of you because you’re not there. The gap can be filled only if you’re representing a large company.

I’d like to note that however, now people there are more informed about Armenia than a few years earlier. People have started talking about Armenia more as there are many success stories.

Now they treat us as Sequoia Capital member and the attitude is quite different. But every time introducing ourselves we note we’re from Armenia.

Success isn’t defined by money

Success isn’t defined by money. It’s the team and people that create success. If money is used correctly it can just improve the process.

Our main goal now is quality enhancement. We have figured out that having a good product is the best marketing.

If you conceive of something you can turn it into business. The idea is not only a wish but its fulfillment. You should sit down and spend at least 10 thousand hours to put it into practice. You should pull yourself out of the rut and start working.

Narine Daneghyan