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Zangi vs Skype: Who is winning the iPad war?

The buzz around Zangi mobile app spread out in Armenia in February.

The app developed by Armenian programmers already has over 200 thousand downloads for Android and iOS versions. 50% of downloads are from Armenia, and the other half is from abroad.

Zangi allows getting a high-quality video and making calls, exchanging interactive messages, photos and videos, even in case of low-speed internet connection.

With its specs, Zangi has challenged Skype and Viber.

Taking this into account, Itel.am tried to compare Zangi and Skype iPad versions with the help of the app co-founder Vahram Martirosyan.

1. Audio Call Sound Volume

According to Vahram Martirosyan, the technical comparison showed that Skype sound is several times lower than that of Zangi.

“It’s especially inconvenient for those who use Skype in noisy places - cafes, streets or a house with children. Through Zangi technologies, you won’t have this issue. You won’t have to speak and then put your iPad to your ear to hear normally”, he noted.

2. Audio Call Quality

The global companies of “sound” industry suggest choosing between a simple sound which is not natural or natural sound which is not simple.

“The problem is solved by Zangi through self-developed technologies. We offer a combination of both - the most natural and comprehensive sound. During Zangi audio call, the noise is less and the original voice is retained. We have also settled the echo issue which is present during Skype calls”, stressed the Zangi co-founder.

3. Video Call Quality

Zangi founder said that Skype video call uses some technologies which condense the colors.

“On the one hand, people think it’s good, but on the other hand, professionals understand that it’s not a natural image after all. The users can also understand in long-term use that the image with condensed colors is tiring - it’s more visible in the artificial lighting. Zangi has adopted a long-term path: we don’t condense the colors and we provide a clearer image especially in case of artificial lighting”, noted Vahram Martirosyan.

Narine Daneghyan