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Ping will remind about “the forgotten”

During the day, people often need to remind their family or friends about important details, such as, paying for the internet or electricity, visiting a bank or congratulating on an aunt’s birthday etc.

Ping mobile app developed by Armenian programmers allows sending alarms instead of calling or texting SMS.

Ping enables to increase the time and place of the alarm, send a photo simultaneously and to write about the motive which will make receiver perform the task. You can mention the desired place of the action while sending the alarm and the receiver will get an alarm once approaching it.

The app is available for iOS  devices.

Ping is co-founded by Tigran Grigoryants, Armen Mkrtchyan and Anatoly Petrosyants.

“People think that they can memorize everything but in fact, they forget oftentimes. It may be hard for them to jot down a reminder on paper or a smartphone, as perhaps their mind is occupied with other issues. Say, you send an SMS to one of your friends, and he reads it and maybe forgets about it. Our goal is to help people not to forget about “details that matter” which can spoil relationships and strain nerves”, Tigran Grigoryants told Itel.am.

Tigran Grigoryants

Ping developer calls it “a personal assistant” for family members, friends and partners. Once you turn on your phone, Ping appears to remind you about important tasks.

Ping stands out by its minimalist design. The user’s phone number is at the same time his ID and he can add necessary contacts to Ping. The user has to choose the person whom he wants to send an alarm.

“When a user gets Ping, 2 buttons appear - to approve or cancel the task. After you push on one of the buttons, the sender gets a notification on your approval or cancellation. If the task is no more urgent, the sender can cancel Ping. If the receiver doesn’t reply to your Ping for a long time, you can RePing it- resending it”, said Tigran Grigoryants.

He said that from early February, they started a promo-tour in the U.S.. The campaign is carried out by a US-based international marketing company.

“Our target group is currently the American market but we will target Russia some time later, too. By the way, we are now shooting a funny commercial on what will happen if people use or not use Ping. It will be available in late March”, said Tigran Grigoryants.

The version of an app for Apple Watch is now being developed as well. After that the team will start working at Android version of the app which will be released this summer.

“According to the information I have, we are the first Armenian mobile app to work for Apple Watch and Android War devices in near future. We do all the developments inside the team as I’m against outsourcing and freelancing”, noted Ping co-founder.

All the 6 members of Ping team are Armenians, 2 of them work in the U.S. Tigran Grigoryants noted that the team is the most valuable asset for him.

Touching upon programs for Ping monetization, he noted: “We have a clear plan of development for 3 years. According to our calculations, we will start monetization in spring 2015 or a bit earlier”.

Narine Daneghyan