16:31 | 20.02.15 | News | 3685

VivaCell-MTS hosts volunteers of "Birthright Armenia" foundation

Today VivaCell-MTS hosted a group of young Diaspora Armenian volunteers from different countries aged between 20 and 32 years, who serve as volunteers for an average of 6 months each, and are ready to apply their professional skills in the regions of our country.

VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian presented the volunteers with key aspects of VivaCell-MTS’ operation, the key values guiding the Company, as well as its strategy in the sphere of corporate responsibility and key areas of intervention. Ralph Yirikian also presented the young people from the Diaspora with the Company’s activities aimed at increasing awareness on the genocide and its recognition. In particular, the Company supported the initiatives of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute in publication of several important monographs by eye-witnesses of the genocide, acquisition of books from different collections in Armenia and outside the country. The Company’s staff participated on voluntary basis in tree-planting activities and cleaning on the territory of the monument.

VivaCell-MTS pays particular importance and attention to programs aimed at inviting more young Armenians from the Diaspora to the Homeland for engaging in volunteer activities and integrating with the country’s culture. VivaCell-MTS finds that the best way to learn about Armenia is not just to consider Armenia as a touristic destination where one can familiarize himself with numerous cultural and historical sites but also as an opportunity to work in the professional area or just contribute through volunteering in projects aimed at improving areas of the society. Discovering Armenia means getting to know it from inside by becoming a member of the society, feeling the pulse of the country, enriching own personal experience through communicating and getting in touch with the daily lives of different people, and much more. It is also important to engage in friendly relationships with peers and create personal connections with potential for future professional and business relationships.

“Your decision to get to your roots is one of the greatest decisions of your life. It is self-rewarding in that your embrace the essence of your identity in the country of your ancestors, your grand grandfathers,” VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian told young Armenians from the United States, the Russian Federation, Syria, Mexico, Lebanon and Canada. “I would like to quote our patriarch William Saroyan he put in “The Time of Your Life”. “Every man is a variation of yourself…” writes the Master. And I urge you to adopt a guiding principle for you while in Armenia – “Every Armenian is a variation of me”. This is the way, in my opinion, to overcome the natural dissonance and stereotypes in the minds of the Armenians of Armenia and the Armenians of Diaspora, toward each other. I myself walked through that way – full of uncertainties, preoccupations, frustrations, misunderstandings, excitement, understanding and finally, acceptance. We simply need to remember: no country in the world is free from problems. We can succeed if we are optimistic and rely on the concept of personal responsibility for our country,” added Ralph Yirikian.

From 2004 onwards with the support of VivaCell-MTS, the Birthright Foundation has organized volunteering of 930 individuals from 35 countries in the regions of Armenia. And Ralph Yirikian’s story of success was one of the factors triggering the interest among young Armenians from the Diaspora to visit Armenia and engage in different projects there.

The volunteers shared their impressions on Armenia. The meeting with Ralph Yirikian evolved as a Q&A covering a wide range of issues. The discussion during the meeting also helped the young people make a clearer notion of the business administration and management practices at VivaCell-MTS.