16:34 | 25.10.13 | News | 3848

VivaCell-MTS installed 203 new base stations in all the regions of Armenia

In the frames of network expansion and modernization project, VivaCell-MTS has recently installed another 4 new base stations in Vayotys Dzor and Ararat regions - Gnishik and Mozrov (Gnishik community of Vayots Dzor), Shaghap and Lusashogh (Ararat).

VivaCell-MTS previously had mobile coverage in the villages of Mozrov, Shaghap and Lusashogh provided through base stations installed in the neighboring locations, and with the installation of these new base stations next to these villages, 3G-based higher quality voice and internet services became available to the population of the villages. In the fourth village – Gnishik, VivaCell-MTS is now the sole mobile operator providing the population with high-quality 3G mobile network, including high-speed internet.

Gnishik is not the only village where VivaCell-MTS is the sole mobile operator to have installed a base station to provide the population with full-fledged mobile communication services. In the village of Nrnadzor, situated on the Armenian-Iranian border, in a mountainous area with difficult landscape, VivaCell-MTS installed 3 up-to-date base stations providing voice and internet services along the Iranian-Armenian border, the international transit highway, the village itself and its neighborhoods (2G and 3G stations were made available in 2007 and 2010 respectively).

VivaCell-MTS is also the sole operator in a number of villages including Lori region’s villages Jiliza (2G is available since 2007, 3G in 2011) Dzyunashogh (2G in 2009, 3G in 2013), both of them situated close to the Armenian-Georgian border, Tsaghkashat (2G in 2009, 3G in 2013) and Halavar (2G in 2009 and 3G in 2013). In addition to installing base stations, VivaCell-MTS has provided the schools of these villages, as well as the schools of Mozrov and Nrnadzor with access to high speed internet by donating 3G/Wi-Fi routers and providing access to high-speed internet through MTS Connect Limited or Home Zone Turbo tariff plans for free for a one-year period. Similar program was implemented in Tatev and Artavan villages as well.

When making decisions on installing base stations, VivaCell-MTS is not guided by Return on Investment (ROI) consideration only. Installing base stations and providing mobile voice and internet communication services to remote, mountainous and borderland villages with small population are a priority for VivaCell-MTS as the availability of communication infrastructure is both a social and security issue. As a responsible operator, VivaCell-MTS is determined to provide with mobile voice and internet services even the most remote areas with small population and potential consumption of services.  

Overall, from January 2013 till present (October 2013), in frames of network expansion and modernization project 156 new 3G (HSPA+) base stations and 47 2G base stations were installed in all regions of Armenia (total of 203). In frames of the project, 2G stations were upgraded in terms of improvement of voice services, and existing 3G base stations were upgraded in terms of data expansion and capacity improvement.  

VivaCell-MTS commits that the network modernization and expansion with the latest technology will continue with additional 119 3G (HSPA+) base stations to be installed till end of 2013.