16:30 | 19.08.11 | News | 3002

Armenia to produce heliotechnical equipment from 2011

Yerevan /Mediamax/. The first plant to produce heliotechnical equipment in Armenia is due to start operating in the town of Spitak by the end of 2011. The production of the plant is designed by Armenian scientists.

Addressing a press conference in Yerevan today, the head of the project, Doctor of Technical Sciences Vahan Hamazaspyan, informed that USD8mln investments are required to manage the production, and “Red Cross” international environmental organization agreed to allocate them as shares in the factory’s capital, Mediamax reports.

Vahan Hamazaspyan informed that on July 13, the project was presented to the founder of “Red Cross” organization, former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev and met with his approval.

According to the scientist, the factory will initially produce 2 types of heliotechnical equipment: with 3-5 kW and 32-65 kW thermal power. “The first will satisfy the demand for hot water in domestic households, and the second will provide heating of a 300 square meters area”, said Vahan Hamazaspyan adding that the equipment with 32-65 kW thermal power is meant for rural households.

According to him, the equipment cost will make USD 80-100 per 1 kW which means that for instance, 5kW equipment will cost USD 400-500 and 32kW equipment will cost USD 2560-3200. The scientist says that the production of the Armenian plant is going to be the cheapest source of thermal energy, noting that today average global prices for solar water heating systems are USD 500-1000 per 1kW.

“In case of 50-year-old equipment, 1kWh electricity will cost 0.2 luma, whereas the gas price today is AMD16 calculating in terms of 1kWh electricity. The equipment is a free energy source, only its purchase is to be paid”, said the scientist.

The factory is due to produce around 1000 sets of equipment at a total cost of USD0.5mln per day and it will manage to satisfy the demand of all the rural households of Armenia and Artsakh (around 350 000 rural households).

In this context, the scientist stressed the importance of adopting heliofication conception by the government and boosting development of the field in Armenia. “Heliofication will resolve the problem of energy security in Armenia as the population will have an alternative energy source in emergency situations”, said Vahan Hamazaspyan.