13:41 | 17.06.11 | News | 2603

iCON Communications wants to compete with 3G networks

ICON Communications announced today the launch of Adrenalin, its unlimited speed internet service offerings.

ICON Adrenalin comes in 5 "doses" of traffic packages, starting with 2GB at 5000 drams, all the way to 30 GB for 19000 drams. In addition, Adrenalin users can buy "top-ups" of additional traffic.

“We have heard from many users of other wireless internet services that their actual usage experience is very different from the theoretical limits of 3G and other similar technologies. By launching Adrenalin, we are confident that we will provide users with the fastest wireless internet access where they need it, when they need it,” stated Raff Kassarjian, iCON's CEO.