15:40 | 24.02.11 | News | 3303

What is the average volume of traffic used by Orange, Beeline and VivaCell-MTS subscribers?

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Orange Armenia subscribers on average consume 5Gb of internet traffic a month.

General Director of the Company Bruno Duthoit said this, answering the question of Mediamax.

Answering the question of Mediamax on average volumes of consumed traffic, head of “ArmenTel” CJSC (Beeline brand) Public Relations Service Anush Begloyan stated:

“In case of ArmenTel, the question does not have a definite answer, since we offer services of internet access by different technologies. The technology, which the subscriber uses, defines the speed of access and the maximum volume of traffic. This is why, it is not completely correct to speak of the “average” volume of traffic, used by Beeline customers. In order to form an idea on the volume of traffic in our network we speak of the volume that passes through our external channels in general. At present, it makes over 300Tb a week. Additional circumstance is the fact that as opposed to other operators, “ArmenTel” is one of the few to provide real unlimited internet (Hi-Line service). In unlimited tariff plans, Hi-Line speed is not limited artificially in the course of use, irrespective of the used traffic volume”.

Answering the question of Mediamax on the average volumes of consumed traffic, the press service of “VivaCell-MTS” stated that “the request contains information, protected by the law of the Republic of Armenia “On Electronic Communications”.