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David Yang considers the initiative on establishing DILIJAN School in Armenia “wonderful”

Yerevan/Mediamax/. Chairman of ABBYY Company’s Board of Directors David Yang considers Ruben Vardanyan’s initiative on establishing DILIJAN School in Armenia “wonderful”.

Mediamax reports that David Yang, who is one of the initiators of “Ayb” project, said this in an interview to “Aniv” Magazine.

“I consider Dilijan project wonderful and I know what a great project was realized by Ruben Vardanyan in Russia – Skolkovo School. I was delighted, when I learnt that he had decided to establish a school in Armenia. I am sure that Armenia needs such world class educational establishments and maybe, not only one. The projects of Dilijan and “Ayb” do not by any means contradict each other, on the contrary, they are complementary”, David Yang stated.

“In order to influence the educational climate in Armenia in a coordinated way, none of the projects should attract any particular resource entirely or monopolize it. These projects themselves will never be enough. And it is very important not to break the fragile balance, which already exists. It is very important for large means, if such are be invested, not to break the existing education; it is important for a part of those efforts, a part of financial and organizational means to be surely directed simultaneously to improvement of the educational climate in Armenia in all remaining schools”, David Yang stated.

“I know Ruben, I know how successful Skolkovo project is in Russia. I know how much energy and efforts Ruben invested in establishment of Skolkovo School, what high position this school immediately occupied, although there were quite high level business schools in Moscow already. Nevertheless, it became a very bright and serious phenomenon on the landscape of Russian business education. I cannot judge about the reasons and consequences; maybe, it happened by chance that “Skolkovo” presidential project of Innograd is located five kilometers away from Ruben’s school and has the same name”, Chairman ABBYY Company’s Board of Directors stated.

Commenting on the criticism against DILIJAN project, which was voiced last year, David Yang stated:

“I hope that life will put everything in its place. I will be very upset if Ruben loses interest toward the project. Armenia will lose such a chance for a long time. Ruben is a brightest entrepreneur and an outstanding figure not only in the sphere of Russian, but also world-scale financial institutions. His achievements deserve great respect. And a person of such scale would not do anything that might harm Armenia”.

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