10:51 | 17.09.10 | News | 3561

Increase of average internet connection speed observed in Armenia

Yerevan/Mediamax/. www.speedtest.am website presented a report on average speeds of Armenian providers in July-August, 2010.

Mediamax was informed in speedtest.am that the reports are based on 275 thousand measurements, carried out during over 106 thousand visits to the website.

“The results of this report significantly differ from the previous ones. Over the past few months, the majority of internet providers held campaigns and reduced prices. As a result, the speed of internet connection for the final consumer significantly increased and one can make sure of this fact by comparing the latest reports with the indices for June (http://www.speedtest.am/am/providers.html)”, speedtest.am representatives noted.

The table presents internet providers according to reduction of average connection speed.

FastNet     1123.47 Kbps
Ucom      1120.30 Kbps
Orange      1008.35 Kbps
Beeline     874.57 Kbps
ADC         721.21 Kbps
Icon        639.61 Kbps
Cornet      542.04 Kbps
Vivacell    533.38 Kbps
Web         521.31 Kbps
Arminco     420.76 Kbps
Radionet    400.54 Kbps
Harknet     385.45 Kbps
Infotech    350.54 Kbps

Details on measuring speeds and processing data are presented at: http://speedtest.am/am/terms-of-service.html.