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ABBYY founder David Yang: 70% of success secured by the team

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of the world-famous company in IT sphere - ABBYY Software House, David Yang held a master class in Yerevan today, during which he presented the story of his success in business.

Mediamax reports that the master class was organized by “Ayb” Educational Foundation. David Yang is the Chairman of ABBYY Board of Founders.

David Yang highlighted that “the connection between quality education and success in business is the most direct one”. Besides, he stated, people, who want to reach success in business, should possess great striving and competitiveness spirit.

David Yang presented the story of ABBYY establishment, which, from the moment of its foundation in 1989, has gone a long path and today it has 30mln users in 130 countries of the world. Half of scanners worldwide are supplied with ABBYY’s Fine Reader program.

David Yang noted that the main key for ABBYY’s success was the team. Answering the question of master class participants on the business project’s “success formula”, David Yang presented it the following way:

5% - idea;
70% - team;
25% - luck.

According to David Yang, “time from the idea being born to its realization may take up to 2 years, in the course of which the conjuncture of the market may change abruptly, but if you have managed to gather a good team, it will manage to find correct solutions in any situation”.

During the master class, David Yang presented in detail his other projects as well, in particular, the first pocket computer in the world - Cybiko, created only in the course of 7 months in 1999 and which was a huge success in the U.S. market.