10:09 | 28.08.09 | News | 2731

“ArmenTel” reduces prices for wholesale internet due to growing demand

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Reduction of prices for wholesale internet by “ArmenTel” will make 7-25%, General Director of the Company Igor Klimko stated.

Mediamax reports that, speaking at a news conference on August 27, Igor Klimko stated that the more wholesale internet is consumed by the provider, the larger discount for it.

“The discounts start from 7% and make up to 25%. The average volume of the discount, thus, making 15-17%”, Igor Klimko stated, adding that “ArmenTel” has taken up reduction of prices for wholesale internet due to growing demand.

“The demand for internet is so high that we do not manage to secure our subscribers with sufficient number of ADSL ports”, Igor Klimko admitted, assuring that in the nearest future “ArmenTel” will obtain sufficient number of modems and ADSL ports and will immediately start meeting all the submitted applications for Hi-Line service.

General Director of “ArmenTel” expressed hope that reduction in prices for wholesale internet will in the final end lead to reduction of the price for the final consumer.

Igor Klimko also talked about volume demand for 3G modems. “Consumption of mobile internet is growing with fast speed, it has increased 20-25 times in the course of the recent 2-3 weeks”, General Director of “ArmenTel” stated.