10:02 | 28.08.09 | News | 2781

VivaCell-MTS launched “Don’t talk and drive” campaign

Yerevan /Mediamax/. “VivaCell-MTS” mobile operator announced the launch of “Don’t talk and drive” campaign.

As the Company’s General Manager Ralph Yirikian stated in an interview to Mediamax, the mobile operator urges all drivers to stop using cell phones, while driving a car: not to make or receive calls, not to read and send SMS.

“It may seem strange that a mobile operator urges subscribers to refrain from using the cell phone while driving, however, we are ready to compromise a part of our revenues for the safety of people’s lives. Being responsible urges us to acknowledge the need of raising awareness in our society about vital issues”, Ralph Yirikian stated.

“Unfortunately, the statistics evidence the fact that the number of road transport accidents, caused by the use of a cell phone while driving a car, steadily grows”, said “VivaCell-MTS” General Manager.

Ralph Yirikian noted that the operator will carry out a wide spread outdoor campaign within the framework of “Don’t talk and drive” campaign.

According to statistics, about 25% of all road transport accidents are caused by the use of cell phones by drivers.