11:59 | 23.04.09 | News | 2994

International expert commission to be set up to develop Yerevan Physics Institute

Yerevan /Mediamax/. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sargsian discussed issues of realizing joint projects with the General Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) Aleksey Sisakyan and the Scientific Director of the JINR Laboratory of fast reactors after Flerov Yuri Hovhannisyan.

As Mediamax was told in the press service of the Armenian government, the interlocutors, particularly, discussed the projects on setting up a Center for Nuclear Medicine, and International Scientific-Educational and Technologic Center in Dilijan in Armenia, as well as the prospects for development of Yerevan Physics Institute (YERPHI).

It was noted that aiming at realization of projects on developing YERPHI, they plan to set up an expert commission headed by Yuri Hovhannisyan, which will include famous scientists from Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and Germany.

Armenian Prime Minister and the Russian scientists also agreed upon organization and realization of an international scientific conference in Yerevan, during which they will discuss the prospects of further development of physics and astrophysics in Armenia.